Syncly User Roles

Syncly has three types of user roles, each with a higher level of access/capability

Syncly does not create, store, or manage user roles in any way, rather all users are provisioned using an Identity Provider (IdP) service such as Azure, Okta etc. 

You can learn more about setting up Identity Providers in Syncly.

There are Three (3) types of users to know about: (in order of access permissions, higher to lower)

  1. Connector Admin - In addition to the capabilities of a User, the Connector Admin can also add/remove Connectors to the Syncly platform, which are then available for all other users to authenticate against. 
  2. Admin - An Admin cannot add Connectors, but create Workflows and view all Workflows created by others.
  3. User - A user has the ability to create Workflows and view only their own Workflows.

It is normal for some users to have both Admin and Connector Admin roles assigned to them.

⚠️ Note: If you are using the iManage or SharePoint plugin, the end users must have the "user" role assigned to them.