How to Authorise your Connectors

This article explains how to authorise a Connector.

In order for Syncly to automatically send data from one of your Connectors to another, you must first Authorise those Connectors to Syncly. 

  • You will need to make sure the Connector that you want to use has been connected to your Syncly Administrator Account by the Admin, before you can then authorise that Connector to your Syncly User Account. 
  • You must ensure that you have the right permissions and access to use the Connector. Check your account settings to verify your account permissions. 

You can learn more about User Permissions in your Syncly account. 

Authorise Connectors in my Syncly Account 

  • Go to the Connectors module. 
  • Locate the Connector from the list of available Connectors that you want to authorise (you should see an “Unauthorised” status against that Connector). 
  • Click the ellipsis icon (three dots vertically aligned) for the Connector that you want to authorise, click Add connection
  • Click “Authorise” from the available options. 
  • You will be directed to the login page for the Connector. If you can login to the Connector using Single Sign On (SSO) then you will be momentarily redirected to the login page for that Connector and returned to Syncly. Otherwise, you will be directed to the login page for that Connector, where are you must follow the login instructions to authorise the Connector to your account and then be returned to Syncly.

You’ll now be able to create Workflows using the authorised Connector account as yourself (under your account and login details). 

💡 If you don’t see the Connector (system) that you want to use in your list of Connectors, you’ll need to contact the Administrator of your Syncly account to connect the relevant Connector. You can learn more about how to connect Connectors to your Syncly account.